Dash Camera

Through our nationwide installation service we are able to offer individuals and fleets a complete package. From selecting a suitable dash or car camera, to organising and then professional fitting the camera to the intended vehicle at a location convenient for you. One of our fitters will arrive on the arranged date and time, at the location you have specified. Depending on the vehicle and camera we would usually expect to be completed within an hour, but be preprepared for it to take up to two hours.

We install the majority of our car cameras using a fuse holder adapter, this allows us to fit the camera without cutting any cables. If it is not possible to wire from the fuse board then the installer will look for a suitable alternative power source from which to take the permanent live feed. In most cases this will not invalidate a guarantee or warranty on the vehicle, but it is the customers responsibility to check this prior to the installation date.

Daily commuters, professional drivers and fleet managers can now enjoy all the benefits that in-vehicle camera systems provide. Once an expensive, specialised and fiddly option, they are now affordable, easy to use and very effective. Our service ensure data integrity plus offer additional features like input / output triggers that can be integrated with other in-vehicle technologies such as Mobileye or tracking and telematics systems.



2CH Detached Car DVR-K1S

A sizeable 2.7” LCD with function keys allows for easy configuration and even lets you review live footage or recordings from either one of the channels or both.

The ports on the recording unit and the plugs for the lenses and other inputs are clearly labeled to minimize wrong connections.


stylish dash camera

Stylish and Light design

Dual lenses for simultaneous recording in front of and behind your vehicle. The discreet lens design allows for a “Fit and Forget” installation.A 360 degree rotation, and angled adjustment in front, back, left and right. Easy and solid mounting onto front and rear windows with 3M tape.

lences dash camera

Fit & Forget Lenses

Smart designed lenses with solid aluminum casing, specifically for motorcycles.

The discreet lens design allows for a “Fit and Forget” installation. Water and weather resistance means no more worrying about riding on rainy days.

ldws and fcws

LDWS + FCWS Detection system

Once configured, you can be warned when a vehicle begins to move out of its lane and there is an imminent danger. The K1 not only helps recording, it also helps your driving/riding safety.

wide angle

Wide Angle Lens

Dashcams are available in a variety of lens types. Unfortunately, many don’t specify exactly how wide each lens (degrees) is. In the early years of dashcams, 70 degree and 120 degree lenses were common.

gps location

With GPS Enabled

Cameras with this feature record your GPS position along with the video, which can be played back split-screen with a map using special software supplied. Most of the GPS models can also log your speed.

event detection

Event Detection

The event detection function will write-protect the current video segment if something trips the g-force sensors. This is supposed to safeguard the video that captures an accident or other possibly damaging event.

full hd

FULL HD Video Quality

1080 high-definition video is the standard for dashcams, and even higher resolutions are beginning to enter the scene. Req you to pl avoid anything recording in lower resolution.

loop recording

Automatic Loop Recording

Loop recording” means that the camera continuously records in an indefinite loop hands-free without stopping, constantly overwriting the oldest video with the newest video file. It works just like a CCTV system.